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  1. This is how I’ve done them for many years, n super easy. Rinse seeds thoroughly. In lrg bowl, put in seeds, one cup of salt, n cover with 2-3 inches of water n soak over night. Next day drain water, place on a cookie sheet in a single layer, (no need to use spray Pam), place in 350 degree oven, n stir about every 15-20 min til nice n golden. No need to let dry in cookie sheet prior to baking. Crunchy, toasted and Delicious n just the right amount of salt every time.

  2. I love roasting pumpkin seeds. My two favorites are nutmeg and salt, and pumpkin pie spice and sugar. Great, now I’ve got to go buy a pumpkin.

  3. OOooh wow Stacy!! I (for whatever reason) didn’t think about that when I read your last post about making pumpkin puree. Do you know how freakin expensive those pumpkin seeds are? Its crazy!! I bought some a couple months ago to make a salmon pasta salad (which was amazing) and a small container of those were like $6 or $7…needless to say, I rationed them. LOL THANK you for posting this. Now I need to go find myself some pumpkins 🙂

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