Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Click here for the sign-up page
  2. Choose your Membership Option – I recommend Wholesale so that you receive 24% off. Remember, there is no catch. You are not required to buy again unless you want to continue your journey.
  3. My number should be filled in for you, but if it’s not, here it is: 10093632.
  4. Fill out your name and contact info. The reason they ask for your SSN is so that if you ever sign up someone and receive a bonus check, they will need to send you a 1099. Please note: this is ONLY for tax purposes.
  5. Create a password and PIN. Make sure it’s one you remember – or something that’s tattooed on your body.
  6. Choose your kit. My recommendations are above. I also recommend Thieves  cleaner, Joy essential oil, and Cedarwood oil if you're looking for some awesome add-ons.
  7. OPTIONAL: If you want to make oils a lifestyle like we do, then consider signing up for Essential Rewards (ER). To sign up, all you have to do is choose $50 PV in products to add to your order and you become an ER member! If you decide to continue (also totally optional), by continuing to order at least $50 PV per month, you earn 10% back in months 1-3, 20% back in months 4-24 and months 25+ you get back 25%!! That's tons of free oils in your pocket...or your cabinet. This is an optional step, but one I definitely recommend.
  8. Check out.
  9. Confirm your order. Don’t miss this step!
  10. You’re done! You’re in! You’re awesome! You’re smelly (in a good way)!